Digital Art

All of the following images were either created with Adobe Illustrator for graphic design classes, or with Adobe Photoshop for photo/imaging classes.

"The Drill Sergeant" represents my inner "gremlin" - the critical voice inside my head that tells me I'm not good enough, I need to work harder, and I'll never amount to anything. To learn more about gremlins, visit I drew the image by hand, scanned it in Photoshop, then brought it over to Illustrator. From there I fixed it up, added color, text, and the background shape.

This is a typographic self-portrait created in Illustrator using only letters, numbers, and symbols found on the keyboard.

The first image is a logo for a poetry jam. The second image is a divider page for a literary arts publication. Both were created in Illustrator.

I used a primary color palette for these 3 road signs. From left to right they represent an indian village, a baseball field, and a chess-playing area. These were created in Illustrator.

These illustrations are meant to be used as clip art. From left to right they represent fear, embarrassment, and diversity. They were created in Illustrator.

This is a self-portrait assignment that carried over through 3 different pieces.

For the first image, I sketched some self-portraits by hand, scanned them, then worked with them in Photoshop.

For the second image, we were told to re-create our first self-portrait so a blind person would be able to experience it. One image of the face is made out of sandpaper, one is carved into wood, and another is made out of potting foam.

For the third project, we had to scan in parts of our 3D project and create another piece.

For this project, I used 5 concert photographs I took. I manipulated the images in Photoshop then printed them. I cut the printouts down to size and put them inside CD jewel cases. Then I mounted the CD cases to foam core.

This image represents the word avarice. I drew this image in pen and scanned it. I used Photoshop to color the image and reworked it a bit.

I was assigned to create a portrait of someone in Photoshop for my digital imaging class. We had to create 6 different images then put them together as a 3D cube. I chose to use my dad as the subject for the project. I took the pictures seen in the images, then scanned a ton of graphs, charts, tables, etc. from many books. My dad is an engineer who has a very logical and mathematical way of thinking, and overlaying the images with this line art helps represent that aspect of him.

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