Miscellaneous Art

In high school I was assigned to re-create a famous painting, and give it a modern twist. I chose to re-create Van Gogh's "Bedroom at Arles" in pastel.

For a class in college, I was again assigned to re-create a master's work. I wanted to see what else I could do with Van Gogh's "Bedroom," so I chose it again.

The first image I made by using magazine pages. For the second image, we were given an interdepartmental envelope. We had to re-create the same work, using only the envelope.

In college, I had a great drawing teacher who wanted us to use unconventional means for creating art. He gave us complete freedom and told us to stretch our imaginations.

Both of these pieces are self-portraits. For the first one, I went to a place called Recycle Ann Arbor, and bought a very cheap toaster. Then I burnt some toast, and glued the crumbs onto the toaster.
The second self-portrait is made from candy. It's made up of Swedish Fish, Runts, Nerds, Skittles, Mike & Ikes, and Pez. I hot glued the candy to cardboard.

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