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Portraits of children that I have drawn from photographs. Pencil and charcoal.

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Pencil drawings of pets that I have drawn from photographs.

One of my most exciting accomplishments to date: winning a portrait contest in the Detroit Free Press.

This is a large self-portrait - 19.25" x 18" - done with pencil and graphite for a college drawing class. When I was reading the Free Press one day, I saw that they were looking for entries for a contest. The big van Gogh self-portrait show was due to come to the Detroit Institute of Arts, so they wanted people to send portraits. I had this portrait that I had done, so I figured I ought to try. I actually won the contest, and received 4 tickets to the van Gogh show. It was a wonderful show, but I think it was even more exciting being on the front page of The Way We Live!

Pen and Ink

Pen and ink drawings I did while in high school. 8 drawings.

Semester-long sketchbook project

An assignment in college which I had to draw the same object for an entire semester. I chose to draw a Swiss Army knife. 19 drawings.

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